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Italian Citizenship

In clarifying that the citizenship falls within the sphere of competency of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, residents in SA may apply for the recognition of Italian citizenship at the Offices of this Consulate.

Detailed information on citizenship can be found in the official updated section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs..


The most common procedures regarding Italian citizenship that can be processed at this Consulate are as follows:

• Application for Citizenship by Descent “Jure Sanguinis”

• Application for citizenship through marriage

• Application to have Italian citizenship reinstated

• Application to renounce the Italian citizenship

Information on the processing of personal data for the purpose of recognizing Italian citizenship iure sanguinis or its acquisition by naturalization

Important: Pursuant to Act no. 89/2014, when an application for recognition of Italian citizenship by descendant is submitted by applicants over 18 years of age, an administrative fee of 300 Euro will be required to be paid in local currency (cash or debit card).

The same fee is also applied to the wives of Italian citizens who were married before 27 April 1983 and who have never been registered as Italian citizens prior to the entry into force of Law 89/2014.

The fee is payable in any case, regardless of the outcome of the application.