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Italy's digital identity system (SPID)



Italy's digital identity system (SPID)


The Public Digital Identity System (SPID) is establishing itself as the main online identification tool for citizens and businesses in relations with the Public Administration. The SPID identity is also the access key to the public services provided by the Member States of the European Union that have joined the eIDAS node, which aims to promote the interoperability of national identification systems - EID - for citizens and businesses in the various States members.

As known, the SPID credentials can be requested from Identity Providers enabled by Italian citizens of age as long as they have a valid identity document and a valid Italian tax code (including the certificate produced by the Revenue Agency containing the tax code, endorsed from the consular office), as well as an e-mail address and a mobile number.

The issuing of credentials is free, except for some methods of recognition, which may be subject to a fee. Obtaining the SPID credentials is in fact subject to a process of recognition of the applicant by the Identity Provider, which can take place in person at the authorized counters in Italy, online by registering with a CNS card, Electronic Identity Card or biometric passport, or via video call.

SPID credentials can therefore be requested free of charge from one of the authorized parties: Aruba, Infocert, Intesa, Namirial, Poste, Register, Sielte, Tim or Lepida.

Aruba, Infocert, Poste, Tim and Lepida in addition to the free delivery method, also offer paid registration methods. All information on where and how to ask for your SPID credentials on the site .

Attention is also drawn to the fact that some Identity Providers provide forms of recognition aimed at facilitating the issue of SPID credentials to Italians residing abroad: specifically, "Sielte" provides for the recognition of the applicant face-to-face via webcam for free, and " Poste Italiane "provides for the issue of SPID credentials without face recognition, if the applicant downloads the relative application and brings his biometric passport to his smartphone (provided it is equipped with the necessary technology).

Once the SPID credentials have been obtained, it will no longer be necessary to register on the FAST IT portal, but you can directly access the services provided by the site simply by providing your SPID credentials.

For further information, please refer to the institutional website and to the infopage by the Italan MFA on how to acquire such credentials: .