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2022 edition of the "BookTuberPrize" aimed at all students of Italian in schools and universities



2022 edition of the

The Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the Center for Books and Reading of the MiC, has launched the 2022 edition of the "BookTuberPrize" competition.

Booktubers are "video-bloggers" active in the publishing field, who share their reading experiences through the recording of videos uploaded on the net. The competition, inspired by these new professional figures, is aimed at young people aged 15 to 25, in Italy and abroad, divided into two age groups - 15/19 years and 20/25 years - with the intention to stimulate careful and conscious reading of a book and then obtain a review from it, encouraging the creation of young communities of readers who exchange opinions and reviews and promote knowledge abroad of Italian publishing products, whether printed or digital.

Participants, after having chosen and read a book or a poem collection, will have to describe its content through a video review of maximum 2 minutes in mp4 format. The video can be made by one, two or three people. You can choose between two thematic categories:

- fiction: review of a novel by an Italian writer / writer from 2000 to today;

- poetry: review of a poetic collection from 2000 to today.

In any case, these must only be books in Italian, written by Italian authors, published by Italian publishers in the indicated period of time.  The language to use for the presentation of the review is Italian.

The evaluation of the videos will be carried out by a specially appointed jury of experts, who will evaluate both categories of participants: 15/19 years and 20/25 years.

To participate it is necessary to fill in the forms in the regulation. The submission of all documents must take place by 2 May 2022. The documents must be uploaded in "unlisted" mode on a YouTube channel. The links, accompanied by the completed and signed participation form (Annex A of the Regulations) and by the copyright releases (Annex B and Annex C), must be sent to the following e-mail address: .

The winners could be announced during the Turin International Book Fair 2022 or with an event created ad hoc and will be awarded for each age group as follows:

1st place: 500 euro book voucher;

2nd place: 300 euro book voucher;

3rd place: 200 euro book voucher.

The bookshop where you can spend the voucher will be identified at the 2022 "Maggio dei Libri" award.