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The Terra II : Puglia Film Festival (Adelaide, 31 July to 2 August) was organized by "Nuove Produzioni Spettacolari" in Bari in partnership with the Puglia Federation of South Australia and the General Council of Pugliesi people in the world, represented by Cesare Lastella.

The Festival, that featured movies by Pugliesi directors and/or set in Puglia, consisted in six films (showed at the Palace Cinema) and nine short films/documentaries (showed at the Italian Consulate).

Many distinguished guests took part in the opening night, among them the Premier Mike Rann, the Leader of the Opposition, Martin Hamilton-Smith, Vini Ciccarello MP, the President of the Multicultural Affairs Commission, Hieu Van Lee, the Italian Consul, Tommaso Coniglio, the President of the, Vincenzo Papandrea, the President of the Adelaide Film Corporation, Richard Harris, representatives from the cinema corporations and from the academic world, and director Mimmo Mongelli, special guest from Italy.

Terra II has brought a little part of Puglia to South Australia, through films which have shown, from different perspectives, some of the fundamental elements of the pugliese culture.

As highlighted by director Mongelli, films from Puglia are characterized by a strong relationship with the homeland, its people, its traditions. The name of the Festival, Terra (land), is meant to convey this bond.

This film exhibition is one of various projects that are spawning out of the Memorandum signed in May by the President of Puglia, Nichi Vendola, and the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann. The memorandum, which covers different sectors of cooperation – from science, to education, to student exchanges, to art – aims at establishing a kind of twinning between Puglia and South Australia.

Shortmovies and documentary screened at the Italian Consulate in Adelaide:  

Tuesday 31 July


MERIDIONALI SENZA FILTRO (Genuine Southern Italians) (2006), 20 minutes
Director: Michele Bia
On a grey November day, three men travel on the country road from Puglia to the region of Basilicata. Fajele, the elder brother, has to marry a girl who lives in a town that brings back luck. For his wedding, Fajele has invited his younger brother, Nicola and his father, a seventy year old, suffering from heart disease. Fajele questions whether the 'curse'
will affect his family and his future and hopes that his bride-to-be is immune.
David Donatello winner 2007 Best Short Film.

ZINANÀ (The Cymbals) (2004) 13 minutes
Director: Pippo Mezzapesa
Arcangelo is a dreamer always one step away from reality. In a few minutes he will play the cymbals (the Zinana' in pugliese dialect) in the band of his town.
He is excited and he is playing on a very important feast day St Athnony's Day – the dilemma for Arcangelo is whether he can live up to his dream without making a mistake.
David Donatello winner 2004 Best Short Film.

COMPITO IN CLASSE (Essay in Class) 14 minutes
Director: Daniele Cascella
Set in a primary school a teacher sets a real lesson in class, that is, she asks her students to write about the most important person in their life–their fathers. As the story is being told a hidden horror unveils itself.
Winner XXXVI Giffoni film fest Best Short Film 

Wednesday 1 August


LE STORIE CANTATE (The Stories By Song) 48 minutes
Directors: Nicola Morisco and Daniele Trevisi
This short deals with the collection of scores and music used by ethnomusicologists; in this day and age they risk losing their value and authenticity. It features the music of the most important composers and singers from the Puglia region. The storytellers and the protagonists of the film include Uccio Aloisi from Salento, Tonino Zurto from Ostuni, Enzo De Re from Mola di Bari, Matteo Salvatore from Apricena (now deceased) and the Choristers from the Carpino Choir/Ensemble.

CAMERA MIA (My Room), 12 minutes
Director: Alessandro Piva
Recounting the story of the youth of Bari – it features many interviews with
young Baresi inahbitants; ready to tell their story about the X generation and
confronting these stories with some of the older generation present during
the interview. This film forms part of a project that is researching the future
generations who are likely to be involved in public office and who will take
charge of the future of the city. 

Thursday 2 August


UN CERTAIN REGARD (A Certain Regard) (2006)
Director: Mario Tani
Two men are in need of exchanging a package with another man who is considered 'dangerous' and something goes awfully wrong.
Awarded Best Short, Best Screenplay and Best Editing by "L'invasione degli Ultracorti" 2007 in Rome.

LONTANI DALLA LUNA (Faraway from the Moon) 8 minutes
Director: Antonella Maddalena
The presence of two women opens this short: the impalpable Meteor and the earthly Viola, a woman dressed in black. The first imagines during a Mediterranean evening, a series of love affairs or encounters that are possible but that die before they even begin. They include men and women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and economic status. The second is consumed by the pain of claustrophobic locations and spaces which are filled with solitude.

LA LIBERTÀ (The Liberty) (2004) 20 minutes
Director: Mimmo De Ceglia and Carlo Pisani
Puglia in 1874 – of all those that marched on foot to the Castel del Monte to declare war on the newly born 'State of Italy", only six of them reunite…
LevanteFilmFest winner 2005 best short film