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Consular Services Costs


Consular Services Costs

Most requested Consular services fees

(from 1/7/2021)

Ordinary Passport $181.50
Citizenship $469.20
General power of attorney $150.30
Special power of attorney $87.60
Signature legalisation $21.90
Visas max. 90 days $125.20

For details of all Consular services costs available, please click on the updated link below: 



III Quarter Services - III Quarter Visas

II Quarter Services - II Quarter Visas

I Quarter Services - I Quarter Visas  - I Quarter semplified table



IV Trimestre Servizi - IV Trimestre Visti

III Trimestre Servizi - III Trimestre Visti

II Trimestre Servizi - II Trimestre Visti

I Trimestre Servizi - I Trimestre semplificato

I Trimestre Servizi - I Trimestre visti


Si ricorda che è possibile pagare con carta di debito (EFTPOS). In tal caso, sarà applicata una commissione bancaria di 0.25 AUD per transazione. Gli utenti potranno continuare in alternativa a usare la forma di pagamento in contanti in valuta locale (AUD$).

Please note that payments can be made by cash in local currency or by debit card (EFTPOS). A bank fee of 0.25 AUD will be applied to EFTPOS transactions.