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General Information


General Information



The Consulate of Italy in Adelaide is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 on Wednesday from 13.00 to 16.00 in the following ways:

Monday: 9.00 -13.00 only by appointment

Tuesday: 9.00 -13.00 even for services that don’t require an appointment

Wednesday: 13.00 - 16.00 only by appointment

Thursday: 9.00 -13.00 even for services that don’t require an appointment

Friday: 9.00 -13.00 only by appointment

In line with the directives issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs marked by the Public Administration streamlining, many consular services are now provided by email, post or through the portal FastIt.

Reception of the public without an appointment: On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 to 13.00 the Consulate receives without an appointment for services that do not require it, for example for civil status practices (registration of birth, marriage, divorce, death). All other services (in particular passports, visas, citizenship and notarial deeds) do require an appointment.

Pleae read the summary below to check if you need an appointment and if you can take advantage of a service without going to the Consulate!



ONLINE (connected to FastIt)

o aire registration

o change of addressof address


E-MAIL (write to

o application for Individual Tax Numberfor Individual Tax Number

o application for fisconline services PINfor fisconline services PIN



APPOINTMENT TO BOOK ONLINE (CLICK HERE) for the following services:

o passports

o visas service temporarely unavailable

o citizenship we ask you to read the relative information on our website and to contact the Consulate via email before making an appointment.

o notary services only for citizens registered in AIRE (if you are not registered, please refer to the next section)



o declarations of value

o marriage publications

o emergency travel document (ETD)

o notary services: only for citizens not registered in AIRE

o repatriation human remains and ashes


WITHOUT APPOINTMENT (only Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 13:00):

o civil status: i.g. birth certificates, marriage, divorce, death

o certificate of life

o change of name and/or surname

o shipment of personal and household goods

o renewal and translation of driver’s licences

o signature authentication

In the absence of an internet connection: in the event you are without internet access, you may request an appointment in writing by sending a letter by post and indicating the reason for your appointment and your personal details. The Consulate will reply by post with the details of the appointment.

Please note that the payment of consular fees can only be made in cash in local currency. For the table of costs for consular services, please consult the following page.

PLEASE NOTE: if you need information, carefully consult the practical guides (CLICK HERE) relating to each service published on our website before coming to the Consulate and booking an appointment. For more information, contact us at the addresses indicated in the section below ("our contacts")




For health prevention purposes, we inform you that, as a precaution, access to the waiting room of the Consulate is limited to no more than four (4) people at the same time. Anyone above this number will be invited to wait outside the waiting room.

Please do not come to the Consulate if in the presence of flu symptoms, or if they fall into a category for which the local authorities require a period of preventive self-isolation. Please note that these measures are aimed solely at protecting your health and the health of our consular operators.

If you have to attend the Consulate for a personal service, please do not come accompanied by other people, unless the presence of other people is motivated by particular support needs. In inviting you to a scrupulous respect of the indications given by the competent authorities, we are sure that we will have your understanding, for which we wish to thank you in advance on behalf of all the staff of the Consulate.