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A Passport is a travel and ID document that can only be issued to those who are already Italian citizens. In Italy, its release is competence of the Police Headquarters. Abroad, its release is competence of the Consular Authority.

As of April 2010, the Consulate issues a new electronic passport "phase two" with fingerprints and 48 pages. This is a document in accordance with European laws, which lasts ten years with a high level of security against forgery and illegal uses. The presence of the applicant is required at the Consulate in Adelaide in order to take fingerprints.

As of November 2009, it is no longer possible to register children on their parents' passports: all children must be provided with a personal individual passport.

The passport is valid for three years for children younger than 3 and five years for children under 18. Children under 12 are exempt from the obligation to sign and provide fingerprints.

For guidelines on ID photos for issuing a passport, please click HERE

To issue a passport to minors, the authorisation of both parents is required. They must attend our Consular officers in person (together or separately). Parents must both present a valid photo ID. Passports renewals are no longer possible.

If the passport expires or if there are no more pages for affixing visa stamps or if it is lost or stolen you must apply for a new passport valid for 10 years .

All passports already issued in the past remain valid until they expiry date.

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