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Reacquiring Italian Citizenship


Reacquiring Italian Citizenship

The person who has relinquished their Italian citizenship by becoming a naturalized Australian prior to 16/08/1992, may reacquire Italian citizenship following one of two possible avenues, which differ only in the time needed for the reacquisition.

With the first option, you may be able to reacquire citizenship within days or a few weeks, whilst with the second option you will have to wait at least one year, depending on the processing time of the Italian Municipality.

  1. First option: you must sign a declaration at the Consulate and will then need to take up residence in Italy within 12 months from the date of the declaration.
  2. Second option: you take up residence in a Municipality in Italy without making any declaration and you will then need  to wait 365 days.

In both cases the Italian Municipality of residence is the authority that will finalise the reacquisition process.

Detailed instructions are provided in the specific document HOW-TO reacquiring Italian citizenship.