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Citizenship through marriage


Citizenship through marriage

The Consulate in Adelaide may only process applications from people residing in South Australia.

The following are the necessary preconditions in order to apply for citizenship through marriage:

  • The applicant’s Italian spouse must be already registered with A.I.R.E. at the Consulate.The applicant must have been married with the Italian spouse for a period of: at least three years if there are no children of minor age born from the relationship; at least 18 months if there are children of minor age born from the relationship;
  • The marriage must have already been registered in Italy.

For more detailed information on the procedure please refer to the specific HOW-TO through marriage.

PLEASE NOTE - Women married to an Italian husband prior to 27/04/1983 do not need to apply for citizenship as the acquisition of Italian citizenship was automatic until such date. They should instead make a booking for citizenship using the Prenota Online system of this Consulate General. A fee of 300EURO applies.