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Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

The decree-law n. 18 of the 17 March 2020, (cd. Cura Italia) has allocated additional funds for the assistance of Italian citizens
who, being abroad, are in difficult financial conditions or serious need due to the health situation linked to the Covid – 19 pandemic.

In order to obtain financial support, those interested must demonstrate:

- their state of indigence or in any case of serious necessity

- that this state is not otherwise controllable (not even through, for example, the support of family members).

Upon receipt of the application, the Consulate checks whether the legal conditions exist for allocating some money, in the form of a "Loan with a promise of repayment" or, in the alternative, a "Subsidy" (both are one-off payment solution.

Those wishing to submit the application can write personally to the e-mail address:, briefly explaining their situation, mentioning the support documentation they have to prove the above-mentioned conditions.