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Emergency travel Documents (ETD)


Emergency travel Documents (ETD)

If you are in South Australia in an emergency situation (for example as a tourist in transit you have to depart and you have lost or have been stolen of your passport) and you have no way or time to request a new passport to be issued, the Consulate may issue you with a temporary travel document (also called ETD - Emergency travel document). It's a document valid only for your return trip to Italy (or in the country where you reside permanently). This type of document does not allow to enter or transit to the United States.


What to do:

  • Fill a missing passport report with at local Police station
  • Come to this Consulate (please call ahead first. Our numbers are available in the CONTACT section)


To lodge at the Consulate:

  • Police report of theft / loss
  • An identity document in course of validity
  • Photocopy of identity document.
  • If available, a copy of the stolen / lost passport
  • 2 photos (identical, frontal and in color, format 35 x 40 mm)
  • travel Title and copies
  • The ETD has a cost of € 1.34 (to be paid in cash or debit card at the Consulate in local currency)